Nanziba Khaled

Nanziba is an architect, writer, and interior design student. She has a passion for the finer details that go into making a house a home and understands that your home and the cabinetry you chose for it is a reflection of your personal taste and style. She loves being able to share her insight and show you how each detail comes together to create a cohesive look.

antique china cabinet finds

Antique China Cabinet Finds

Remember when you had an old antique China cabinet in your dining room that was older than your great-grandmother? Furniture would be bought and sold, and seasons would pass. Still, the China cabinet would stand firmly in its place, boldly displaying its fine china. My grandmother was incredibly proud of her chinaware. She proudly showcased

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best corner cabinet ideas

Corner Pantry Cabinet Ideas

As an aspiring interior designer, I have always hated the idea of wasted space. I often see empty spaces as diagonals or corners with no use when creating kitchen floor plans. This is where the need for a corner pantry cabinet comes in. A corner pantry is a cabinet or a closet designed to store

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