best cabinet screws

Best Cabinet Screws Guide

Imagine this: you’ve got a cabinet full of heavy glassware and expensive porcelain plates. Suddenly, the backboard shudders. You look around, alarmed. The moment you figure out it is the cabinet, it detaches from the wall and falls. That happens when you use the wrong type of screws to fasten your cabinets to the wall.

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best antique brass cabinet pulls

Best Antique Brass Cabinet Pulls

What do you think when you look at a cabinet without a handle? Doesn’t it feel incomplete, like it lacks something? That’s precisely right. A cabinet without a handle or a pull is like a Christmas tree without its ornaments – bare and boring. Now, out of all the types of cabinet handles out there,

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best black cabinet handles

Best Black Cabinet Handles

As a designer, I see many people agonize over what cabinet to pick every day. But you know what they overlook? The handles! People just assume, “Oh, I’ve got the perfect paint color/finish, so I can be lax with the handle selection.” Trust me – that should never be the case! Without the perfect handles, your

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best lowe's cabinet hardware

Best Lowe’s Cabinet Hardware Guide

My family owns a home remodeling company and over the years, I’ve learned that one of the fastest and easiest ways to class up a home remodel (especially in the bathroom or kitchen) is to add new hardware. Part of the hardware adds style because it’s what you see when you look at cabinets or

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best gold cabinet pulls

Best Gold Cabinet Pulls

Are you tackling a cabinet makeover but are stuck trying to pick the best hardware from the internet’s millions of suggestions? Well, I’m calling it: gold cabinet pulls may be the perfect and hottest solution in the market for you. I love gold accents and firmly believe they can add style and flare to any

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best farmhouse cabinet hardware

Best Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware

Only a few kitchen styles are as diverse in designs as farmhouse kitchens. From classic blues to bright painted white and even yellow cabinets, the colors are unique and widespread. What’s more? The variety of pulls and knobs that fit farmhouse utility designs is even more diverse. Unfortunately, that also makes finding the best among

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best brushed gold cabinet hardware

Best Brushed Gold Cabinet Hardware

As an interior designer, I’m all about the details, and hardware is often the most overlooked one. You see, it’s such an inherent part of the bigger interior design elements that no one really pays much attention to them in the long run. For example, most people don’t even realize that silver hardware goes with

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best cabinet latches

How to Find the Best Cabinet Latches

Knowing how to find the best cabinet latches will make it easier for you to keep all your cabinet doors shut and secure. Cabinet latches serve an important purpose in keeping the cabinet door shut, protecting the contents from dust, pet hair, or pet intrusion. If we leave a cabinet door open, our cat just

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