Zunaira Ghazal

Zunaira is an architect and designer who has experience working with custom cabinetry. She has spent years learning about the different aesthetics and functionality of cabinetry. She loves helping you bring your ideas together here at Curated Cabinets.

ikea shoe cabinet hack

Ikea Shoe Cabinet Hack Guide

Ikea cabinets are a popular choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their storage solutions. Not only are they affordable, but they also come in various styles and sizes to fit any room in your home.  However, Ikea cabinets tend to be generic – they are good at the function part, but most lack personality. This

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best cabinet screws

Best Cabinet Screws Guide

Imagine this: you’ve got a cabinet full of heavy glassware and expensive porcelain plates. Suddenly, the backboard shudders. You look around, alarmed. The moment you figure out it is the cabinet, it detaches from the wall and falls. That happens when you use the wrong type of screws to fasten your cabinets to the wall.

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best smokers cabinet ideas

Best Smokers Cabinet Ideas

Innocuous and vintage, smoker’s cabinets have faded within the pages of history as gentlemen have replaced them with heavyset ashtrays (and now vapes!). Honestly, these cabinets are an acquired taste nowadays. If you put the keyword “smokers cabinet” on Amazon, it shows you completely irrelevant products, which inspired me to write this listicle. I’m writing

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best antique brass cabinet pulls

Best Antique Brass Cabinet Pulls

What do you think when you look at a cabinet without a handle? Doesn’t it feel incomplete, like it lacks something? That’s precisely right. A cabinet without a handle or a pull is like a Christmas tree without its ornaments – bare and boring. Now, out of all the types of cabinet handles out there,

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antique white kichen cabinet finds

Antique White Kitchen Cabinet Finds

If you’re in the market to renovate, you might have come across quite a few stark, minimalist white kitchens. But what if I tell you that they are not as timeless (or as comfortable) as you’ve been led to believe? I’ve been surveying the market and helping people design their dream interiors for more than

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hickory kitchen cabinet ideas

Hickory Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Any designer can tell you that wood is one of the most commonly used materials in interior design – especially in kitchens, where entire cabinets are made out of it. However, very few will tell you there are actual wood grades (Prime, Standard, Common, etc.).  Now, kitchen cabinets need to be as sturdy as can

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best console cabinet ideas

Best Console Cabinet Ideas

So… many people confuse console cabinets with sideboards and other types of credenza. As a designer, this is quite a dilemma because I have to explain it to them every time. So, when the opportunity came to write this piece, I jumped on it. For those who don’t know, console cabinets are used to decorate

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best cane cabinet ideas

Best Cane Cabinet Ideas

For all my peeps who don’t know, caning is a method of weaving parts of furniture, and it’s a brilliant way to set your tables, chairs, and sideboards apart from the sleek, modern accouterments available in the market today. Whenever someone comes to me for a custom furniture consult, I always recommend cane cabinets –

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best black cabinet handles

Best Black Cabinet Handles

As a designer, I see many people agonize over what cabinet to pick every day. But you know what they overlook? The handles! People just assume, “Oh, I’ve got the perfect paint color/finish, so I can be lax with the handle selection.” Trust me – that should never be the case! Without the perfect handles, your

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