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best bar cabinet with fridge ideas

Best Bar Cabinet with Fridge Ideas

When we last moved, I was a bit surprised as I walked through the house doing an in-person estimate with the movers only to say, “yes, one fridge… oh wait, and this wine fridge… oh and this mini fridge that is part of the bar… oh, and the outdoor fridge”.  The main fridge came with

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best black bar cabinet ideas

Best Black Bar Cabinet Ideas

A cocktail enthusiast will know that having a bar cabinet at home can be a joy! Drinking spirits is part of our lifestyle, and having a dedicated space to showcase/store all our bottles can make things easier. You wouldn’t believe how many people come to me as a designer and ask for a separate wine

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best liquor cabinets with locks

Best Liquor Cabinets with Locks

Cocktail aficionados know that an ever-expanding home liquor collection is a fantastic thing. However, storage for all those drinks is often an afterthought, even though that’s where the best liquor cabinets with locks shine. The purpose of these units is to create tailored spaces for your barware, cocktail ingredients, spirits, and even wine. Personally, I’m

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best mini fridge cabinet ideas

Best Mini Fridge Cabinet Ideas

The first time I had a mini fridge was in college. It came standard in every dorm. I didn’t even know they made refrigerators that small. I thought it was a mark of an adult to not only graduate from college but the basic mini fridge. Alas, in adulthood, I happen to have three.  Why?

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