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antique china cabinet finds

Antique China Cabinet Finds

Remember when you had an old antique China cabinet in your dining room that was older than your great-grandmother? Furniture would be bought and sold, and seasons would pass. Still, the China cabinet would stand firmly in its place, boldly displaying its fine china. My grandmother was incredibly proud of her chinaware. She proudly showcased

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best cane cabinet ideas

Best Cane Cabinet Ideas

For all my peeps who don’t know, caning is a method of weaving parts of furniture, and it’s a brilliant way to set your tables, chairs, and sideboards apart from the sleek, modern accouterments available in the market today. Whenever someone comes to me for a custom furniture consult, I always recommend cane cabinets –

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best accent cabinets with doors

Best Accent Cabinets with Doors

You’ll find hundreds of thousands of supposedly “unique” accent cabinets with Google alone. Overkill? Of course, especially considering that most of these are subpar at best and aren’t worth your hard-earned cash. That’s why I created a detailed list of the best accent cabinets with doors. What’s more? The units I’ve reviewed below are expertly

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tall corner cabinet ideas

Tall Corner Cabinet Ideas

Cabinets serve an important role in displaying some of your more unique decor or collectibles while also providing drawers and shelves on which even contemporary goods can be placed out of the way. As someone short, I never took kindly to tall corner cabinets until I got a stepstool. Now I love tall corner cabinets

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