Lacey Jackson

Lacey loves a good freestanding cabinet and uses it extensively throughout her home. It's her secret to keeping her family's messes out of the way and easily accessible. Her experience doesn't stop there; Lacey's family has owned a home remodeling business for years. She knows her way around a woodshop and has crafted cabinets by hand for various spaces. She knows there are ideas and inspiration beyond what you can find in a furniture showroom.

record player cabinet ideas

Record Player Cabinet Ideas

Growing up, my grandparents had a record player and a lot of records. I started collecting records myself because they seemed so cool. I couldn’t figure out why friends of my grandparents were so eager to give away boxes of records for free.  My grandparents’ decision to get rid of their record player once and

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best walnut kitchen cabinet ideas

Best Walnut Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Every time I visited my dad, it seemed that he had new kitchen cabinets. It always seems to coincide with taking on a new client who wants a kitchen remodel. What impressed me most was how easily a new set of cabinets changed the entire space. In my experience, the best walnut kitchen cabinet ideas

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Best Kohler Medicine Cabinets

My family owns a home remodeling company. Much of the work is on nicer, upper-class houses along the coast. Bathrooms are one of the most common remodels because it is the easiest place to make a substantial impact. In addition to replacing the antiquated white tubs with glass showers and geometric tiles, we usually upgrade

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best stereo cabinet ideas

Best Stereo Cabinet Ideas

When I was growing up, my father, uncle, and grandfather were all very proud of the stereo systems they had in their homes. I thought it was just them, maybe it was genetic, but I didn’t seem born with the instinct to wire speakers through every room in the house or to immediately brag about

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best hutch cabinet ideas

Best Hutch Cabinet Ideas

Every female family member has a hutch cabinet, and they absolutely love it. My sister and I are the only anomalies, so it must be something genetic to do with our generation. However, I’ve come to appreciate that I don’t need a full set of china to use some of these fast Hutch cabinet ideas.

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corner bathroom cabinet ideas

Corner Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

The bathroom in our last home did not have any cabinets. It had one makeshift shelf directly under the pedestal sink and the skeletons of a few hooks that had been stuck to the tile walls for towels to hang. The space was small, too, with the radiator taking up one corner, the shower taking

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Black Storage Cabinet Ideas

I can never have enough storage in my home. But I like my storage to blend in with the other furniture. In the office, the gym, the kitchen, and the garage, this means black storage cabinets and black hardware. As my mother always says, “I want it black like my soul.”  My family owns a

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best lowe's cabinet hardware

Best Lowe’s Cabinet Hardware Guide

My family owns a home remodeling company and over the years, I’ve learned that one of the fastest and easiest ways to class up a home remodel (especially in the bathroom or kitchen) is to add new hardware. Part of the hardware adds style because it’s what you see when you look at cabinets or

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best outdoor tv cabinet ideas

Best Outdoor TV Cabinet Ideas

Getting weatherproof televisions for outside can be a pain (and a huge expense, as it turns out). A much better solution is to use an outdoor TV cabinet idea and combine it with a regular TV.  My dad has a massive bar in his home. Seriously. It takes up half of the downstairs footprint of the house.

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