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Best Gold Cabinet Pulls

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Are you tackling a cabinet makeover but are stuck trying to pick the best hardware from the internet’s millions of suggestions? Well, I’m calling it: gold cabinet pulls may be the perfect and hottest solution in the market for you. I love gold accents and firmly believe they can add style and flare to any space.

And don’t get me wrong. These golden finishes aren’t just having a moment or resurgence. As you’ll see, they’re a choice you’ll love today and ten years from now. Read on for my top picks of the best gold cabinet pulls spanning style and function.

Bottom Line Upfront

Usually, I’m a sucker for a rustic or farmhouse vibe. But I fell in love with the Franklin Brass Bar Pull Multipack. I’m not sure why, but they called me! Now I’m going to upgrade all the drawers in my house, whether my husband likes it or not.

Top Picks

Before getting to the complete list, here are my top 3 picks you should consider for your next project.

  • Most Modern Gold Cabinet Pulls: Nordic Modern Simplicity – The versatile design of these Nordic Modern Simplicity cabinet pulls can complement nearly all modern spaces.
  • Best Gold Cabinet Pulls for Farmhouse Style: Blackrock Ring Pull – Drawing its inspiration from traditional shapes, this Blackrock Ring Pull delivers clean lines and a strong masculine form.
  • Best Gold Cabinet Pulls For Bathrooms: Deco Centre to Centre Arch Pull – You can never go wrong with these Deco Centre to Centre Arch pulls. Their timeless design is destined to always be in style.

Types of Cabinet Pulls to Consider

Gold Cabinet Pulls for Your Home

Below, I explain the different types of cabinet pulls you should consider while on your hunt. Use the details as inspiration to narrow down your options to the hardware that best suits your needs.

Bow Handles

Bow handles are cabinet pulls whose grip retails in various designs that include a wave-like shape. These cabinet pulls are ideal for traditional-style kitchens as they deliver a vintage-inspired feel.

Bar Handles

Simple yet functional, bar handles retail in long rectangular bars that are easy to grip and pull. They’re also one of the few classic pull-out handles available in the market currently. They’ll work flawlessly with both modern and traditional-style kitchens.

T-Bar Handles

Besides the fact they come in a tube shape, T-bar handles are identical to bar handles. Their shape makes them an ideal choice for flat, single-colored cabinet doors, where they’ll deliver a smooth look.

Cup Pulls

For a more vintage look, I suggest going for cup handles. These units are uniquely stable and perfectly suited for heavy cabinets and drawers. What’s more? Cup handles will expel a refined archaic feeling, whether in polished or brushed gold.

Edge Pulls

If your goal is to award your kitchen a pristine, sleek look, edge pulls are an excellent choice. These are hollow-channeled bars fixed to the cabinet’s edges, and you place your fingers in the hollow space to pull the doors open.

What to Look for in Gold Cabinet Pulls

What to Look for in Gold Cabinet Pulls

To ensure that the gold cabinet pulls will meet your needs, here are a few factors to consider.


Material can not only make or break the style and feel of a space but will also directly impact user experience. Most cabinet pulls you’ll come across are made of metal, which is very popular in modern, transitional-style kitchens.

You’ll also find cabinet pulls made of glass, stone, plastic, crystal, and wood available in various shades. The material you go for will depend on the interior style you want. Is it French country, traditional mid-century modern, transitional, coastal-style, or industrial-style?

The Finish

Along with the material, the best cabinet pulls finish will be a matter of preference. As a general guideline, I recommend ensuring that the finish complements the rest of your home’s style. Take note of the room’s appliances, lighting, and furniture color.


As with all renovation projects, your budget will significantly influence the gold cabinet pulls you pick. Typically, mass-produced cabinet pulls will be way more affordable than custom-made pieces, and custom pulls are usually hand-made, which adds to their price tag.

Are the pulls you picked also finished in precious metal and adorned with crystals or other semi-precious stones? Then expect to cough up a couple more hundred dollars.


The width refers to how wide the pull is. And yessir, size does matter in this case. Wide cabinet pulls are often easier to use, but smaller pulls may fit smaller cabinet fronts better. You could also go for broader cabinet pulls if you want to make a statement with your pulls.


Are you refurbishing existing cabinet doors or only replacing the cabinet pulls? Then the holes left by the removed hardware will determine the size of cabinet pulls you get. Define your search further by the width of the drill holes for better accuracy.


Take note of your cabinet style, lighting fixtures, countertop edge, and other essential design elements. Do they have curved or square lines? Choose the best gold cabinet pull consistent with the types of lines in your design.

Different Gold Finishes

Different Gold Finishes

If you’ve been shopping for gold cabinet pulls for a while, you know a wide range of gold finishes exists. This can make it hard to match your current hardware or find replacement parts. Hopefully, this guide will help you out!

Champagne Gold

Champagne Gold features one of the most complex color tones in the realm of gold finishes. It boasts elements of bronze, gold, and caramel. This variation awards champagne gold a great deal of flexibility when coordinating it with finishes on other items. Think light fixtures, faucets, and other kitchen or bathroom elements.

Works well in traditional, transitional, and modern decorations

Brushed Gold – Works well in contemporary rooms

Brushed gold, a supremely noble finish, creates a prestigious finish synonymous with scratch and corrosion resistance. It’s now a staple in tap fittings and interior design, explaining why it appears increasingly in industrial and contemporary designs.

Satin Gold – Works well in both contemporary and traditional rooms

Another popular gold finish with many fans in the interior design world is Satin Gold. The main difference between satin gold and brushed gold is the brush marks that characterize brushed finishes.

As you’ll also see, satin gold isn’t on the shinier end of the spectrum. It’s matte with the perfect balance of sparkle, allowing it to blend in perfectly with all background colors.

Rustic Gold – Works well in Victorian, colonial, and other vintage-styled rooms

Rustic gold is treated to appear aged, and it’s typically a rich, deep brown shade with golden undertones. This warm, low-luster gold finish resembles natural brass but won’t patina or tarnish over time. It’s also visually exciting and uniquely created to resist scratches and damage.

Polished Gold – Works well in virtually any room

A polished gold finish is created using polishing compounds and a fast spinning brush to create a smoothed-out golden surface. This finish option has been a classic forever, thanks to its bright, shiny, and highly reflective nature.

Best Gold Cabinet Pulls

I hope this list will bring your quest for the best gold kitchen cabinet pulls to its ceremonious end. As you can see, I chose these based on killer style, decent price ranges, and overall quality. There’s also a good mix of different gold finishes.

Best Fashionable Pick: Goldenwarm Centre to Centre Finger Pulls

Goldenwarm Centre to Centre Finger Pulls

Gleaming with a pure golden hue, these Goldenwarm Centre to Centre Pulls are destined to accommodate your unique aesthetic preferences. Their bright, glistening, and glossy finish will catch everyone’s eye.

  • Price Range: $85.99 – $115.08
  • Material: Metal
  • Count: 25

What I love most about these is the simple design which makes them extremely easy to clean. As a mother of two very messy, sicky-fingered kids, that’s a bonus.


  • Built to last
  • Easy to install
  • Installation screws included
  • Easy to clean
  • Practical


  • Not backed by any manufacturer’s warranty

Best Modern Gold Cabinet Pulls: Nordic Modern Simplicity

Nordic Modern Simplicity

Do you typically hate having your cabinet hardware look one-dimensional? Why not take this opportunity and get cabinet pulls that retail in distinct finishes that complement each other? That’s precisely what these Nordic Modern Simplicity cabinet pulls deliver.

  • Price Range: $98.99 – $110
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Count: 6

I’m so in love with the elegant beauty of these, even though they’re just a simple bar. There are no ornate details, but the edges are soft, so it would go with modern and traditional settings.


  • Rust resistant
  • Features a distressed look
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • Screws needed for installations included
  • It will complement any interior


  • Large in size, which can take up more visual space

Best Gold Cabinet Pulls For Bathrooms: Deco Centre to Centre Arch Pull

Deco Centre to Centre Arch Pull

Arch cabinet pulls are one of the most classic pull styles you’ll ever find and for a good reason. As these Deco Centre to Centre units prove, these pull styles are perfect for a sleek, modern kitchen. That’s especially true when paired with grey, brown, or black cabinets.

  • Price Range: $35.76 – $45.43
  • Material: Metal; Zinc
  • Count: 10

This is the pull for you if you want a gold cabinet pull with a super traditional style that will last through several trends and fads. Just trust me on this one.


  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Won’t age or tarnish
  • Easy to match with any interior décor
  • Won’t show fingerprints
  • It has a warm color you can always polish back to a shine


  • Isn’t scratch resistant

Best Popular Choice: Franklin Brass Bar Pull Multipack

Franklin Brass Bar Pull Multipack

Not all people desire a bold, striking golden finish. Some prefer finishes that add a subtle yet refined element to their space. These are the best gold cabinet pulls if you also wish to integrate subtle golden hues into your space.

  • Price Range: $36.99 – $72.49
  • Material: Metal
  • Count: 5

When I saw these, I added them to my cart in half a second. I will upgrade some of the vintage furniture around my house and maybe even a few cabinets in my office. These are stunning!


  • The champagne gold awards it a contemporary feel
  • Easy to match with other finishes
  • Highly polished
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install and clean


  • The finish may dull over time

Best Minimalist Pick: Wayfair Basics Multipack Pulls

Wayfair Basics Multipack Pulls

These handy pieces from Wayfair Basics are best suited to smaller kitchen cabinets and are available in various finishes. In addition to the golden champagne, you’ll get them in polished nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, sterling nickel, and matte black. But just LOOK at the gold finishes *ogles*.

  • Price Range: $30.56 – $55.99
  • Material: Metal
  • Count: 10

They’re probably one of the most common styles and shapes of bar pulls you’ll see today. They’re simple and modern, but the rounded edges would also work well in other settings.


  • Straightforward styling
  • Easy to install
  • Backed by a both limited lifetime warranty
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sleek and sophisticated design


  • Too minimalist for some

Best Cabinet Cup Pulls: Wayfair Basics Cup Pull

Wayfair Basics Cup Pull

These Wayfair Basics Cup Pulls will bring lasting traditional beauty to your kitchen or bathroom for generations. That’s evident from the pull’s cultivated grandeur, durable & sturdy construction, and intricate detailing.

  • Price Range: $65.23 – $80.99
  • Material: Metal
  • Count: 10

I adore a good cup pull to elevate the look of larger pieces of furniture. But, in the kitchen, I always recommend people put them on the lower cabinets, especially heavy pots and pans drawers.


  • Retails in five distinct finishes
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Ergonomic design


  • Too small for large cabinets and drawers

Best Polish Gold Cabinet Pull: Luxury Arch Pull

Luxury Arch Pull

Are you still looking for the ultimate statement piece that is sure to pop amidst your other home décor? Perhaps this luxury arch pull from GOO-KI could be what you’re looking for. Retailing in a pack of 6, the bar pull features an excellent ergonomic design concept and is built to last.

  • Price Range: $29.78 – $54.99
  • Material: Metal
  • Count: 6

I think they are just so sleek and cool. Just imagine them adorning a set of matte black cabinetry. Great, now I want to renovate.


  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Great construction
  • Two distinct hole distances for easy installation
  • Intended for both residential and non-residential use


  • It can look dramatic against certain shades

Best for Contemporary Interiors: Esquire Centre Bar Pull

Esquire Centre Bar Pull

This Esquire Centre Bar Pull from Amerock is uniquely constructed to last a lifetime and complement any interior décor. The coating is resistant to damage caused by salt and most other corrosive materials.

The lifetime limited warranty is there to assure you that the unit will perform as advertised.

  • Price Range: $15.89 – $26.99
  • Material: Metal
  • Count: 1

From my years as an Interior Designer, I can tell you one thing for sure: Amerock is one of the best brands in hardware, and their quality is almost unmatched. Also, for these particular beauties, I love the snakeskin look of that centerpiece.


  • Chic design
  • Required mounting hardware included
  • Retails in multiple finishes
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Won’t show any fingerprints


  • Most people don’t like the industrial-like design

Best Budget Cabinet Pulls: Loop Arch Pulls

Loop Arch Pulls

Looking for satin gold cabinet pulls that genuinely emanate the splendor and brilliance of exquisite luxury finishes? This loop arch pull from GlideRite Hardware could be what you’re looking for. The pulls are lusted for because of the bright golden sheen they give off.

  • Price Range: $42.79 – $60.78
  • Material: Zinc Die Cast
  • Count: 10

These are the gold pulls for you if you want something slick, elegant, easy to clean, and affordable. I absolutely love them!


  • Rust resistant
  • Ergonomic design
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Great for both small and large cabinets
  • Will complement any interior décor
  • Available in four other finishes


  • The finish will need a lot of maintenance in order not to tarnish

Best Gold Cabinet Pulls for Farmhouse Style: Blackrock Ring Pull

Blackrock Ring Pull

Perfect for any room, this antiqued ring pull from Amerock will add rustic charm anywhere it’s installed. The pendant portion of the cabinet hardware is designed to stop at a 90-degree angle from the base when released. This ensures that it won’t hit the cabinet door or draw.

  • Price Range: $9.99 – $15
  • Material: Metal
  • Count: 1

The lightly distressed finish is just the cherry on top. If you’ve got an open-concept home, these would be a great way to marry the different spaces; just add them to your furniture!


  • Will pair seamlessly with matching appliances to create a cohesive look
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • High-end look and feel
  • It pairs excellently with vintage decors
  • Won’t show fingerprints


  • Not suitable for large cabinets

Best Unique Construction: European Knurled Solid Cabinet T-bar

European Knurled Solid Cabinet T-bar

The finish of this European Knurled Solid Cabinet T-Bar isn’t reflective. Still, its dullness does exhibit a chic, brushed appeal that’s hard to beat. The only downside with this set of pulls is that it’s only ideal for small cabinets and drawers.

  • Price Range: $43.45 – $55.99
  • Material: Steel
  • Count: 10

Pair them with the matching pulls above, or use them for the entire kitchen, whatever floats your boat!


  • Easy to grasp
  • Extremely versatile
  • High-end look and feel
  • Will add flare to any cabinets
  • Very durable finish


  • Not suitable for large cabinets and drawers

Best Vintage Cabinet Pull: St. Vincent Centre to Centre Bar Pull

St. Vincent Centre to Centre Bar Pull

Looking for a gold cabinet pull to help turn any space into your own rustic paradise? Let me introduce this St. Vincent Centre to Centre Bar Pull from Amerock. This pull also makes for an excellent gift for anyone into rustic or farmhouse-style hardware.

  • Price Range: $15.76 – $22.80
  • Material: Metal
  • Count: 1

The other finishes for this pull are gorgeous, but there’s just something about that champagne bronze that makes me almost drool. So beautiful!


  • Retails in six more finishes
  • Will create a subtly modern look
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material
  • Features sophisticated angular shapes and clean geometric patterns


  • Only one bar pull is included in the package

Other Finishes to Consider

“Do all the finishes in my home have to be the same?” Oh my gosh, I get this question all the time. The answer is (of course) not. Mixing and matching finishes are a great way to add interest to any space and award your home a more authentic finish.

If you agree, here are additional finishes that could look pleasing when coupled with gold cabinet pulls. When mixing finishes, it’s best to have a dominant finish and one to two secondary finishes.


Brass finishes are standard in older colonial homes, particularly homes styled to match the early 90s. The widespread availability of brass makes it one of the easiest to find, making it one of the easiest to match with other accessories, fixtures, and hardware finishes.

Brass finishes come in three more distinct shades you can pick from. These include antique brass, satin brass, and bright brass. Antique brass finishes closely resemble the look of natural brass and feature warm looks due to their brown and golden tones.


Chrome features a contemporary look & feel and shines best in simple, understated spaces. Since it doesn’t stand out too much and blends with most styles and finishes, it’s typically found in commercial spaces.

Don’t be tricked into thinking it’s institutional, however. You’ll be surprised by how well the finish coordinates with reclaimed wood cabinets and golden hardware.


copper cabinet pulls

Copper, also called Rose Gold, is an eye-catching finish that always stands out in any space. Like the brass finish, copper also retails in several variations, including but not limited to aged copper, polished copper, natural copper, antiquated lacquered, distressed lacquered, and brushed lacquered.

Confirm if the copper cabinet pulls you’re getting are lacquered. Unlacquered copper usually quickly develops a patina.


Black is another gold alternative that has recently grown in popularity, and for a good reason. The shade not only adds drama to cabinetry but is also a neutral undertone that’ll pair well with all finishes.

To pick the superior black finish for modern black hardware, consider the Matte Black finish.


Question: Is Gold Hardware in Style?

Answer: Gold hardware remains a trendy choice for cabinet knobs and pulls, and it’s considered an exquisite look that retails in a wide array of gold finishes. Find the complete list of gold finishes above.

Question: What Décor Style Goes Best with Gold Hardware?

Answer: Décor styles that go with gold hardware include transitional, industrial, Victorian, rustic, European, country, modern, and traditional décors.

Question: Will Gold Cabinet Pulls Tarnish?

Answer: Short answer? NO. Long answer? It really just weighs on how well you care for the gold cabinet pulls. Protect your pulls from tarnishing by rubbing thin layers of olive, lemon, linseed, or mineral oil over them after cleaning. Simply dip a clean paper towel in the oil of your choice and rub it along the pull’s surfaces.

Best Gold Cabinet Pulls: Bottom Line

Switching up your cabinet hardware is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to change your kitchen or bathroom’s aesthetic. With that in mind, I hope my guide has helped you decide on the right hardware type, style, and material.

I’ve also ensured that the reviews section carries something for every taste, every space, and every budget. If you want something modern that works across multiple styles, I’d suggest the Franklin Brass Bar Pull Multipack! If you want more recommendations, check out my other guides on the site.

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