bathroom corner cabinet ideas

Bathroom Corner Cabinet Ideas

Corner cabinets are often the most underrated of the cabinet family, yet they are usually what we need most. It doesn’t matter how new your television is or how fancy your bookshelves are; a space will still feel empty if your corners are barren.

I have found that adding a corner cabinet is the best way to liven up a corner space. I am a big fan of bathroom corner cabinets because I love having something green in every room and extra storage. A bathroom corner cabinet gives me both: a shelf to display a small, water-loving plant and some storage for toilet paper and spare towels.

Bottomline Up Front

I love the Keele Corner Cabinet for its design, size, and versatility. It takes on a slightly different design than most corner cabinets because it has an open shelf right in the middle, giving you a perfect, eye-level area for a brightly colored display.

Bathroom Corner Cabinet Ideas: Best Features

Where bathroom corner cabinets are concerned, stick to the basics. A small display corner cabinet or storage place is really all you need in a bathroom. Bathrooms are small, so making the most out of every spare corner gives you a chance to add a little storage, a place to put your towels, and maybe even store toiletries. 

Bathroom corner cabinet ideas help you maximize storage and even serve as a replacement for situations where you only have pedestal sink storage. So, what features matter most?


First up is the size. Bathroom corner cabinets are usually at a 90° angle, so they fit snugly into the corner. However, you can find some with a three-face design, so the angle isn’t as poignant.

Bathroom corner cabinets are either waist height or tall cabinets. Waist-height cabinets are usually deeper, and tall cabinets are leaner, but they give you more shelves.


Design is obviously the most crucial element for most people. A cheaper design doesn’t have to be ugly, and the last thing you want is to buy a bathroom corner cabinet that clashes with your existing bathroom furniture or are just outright ugly.

Even the cheaper, open-shelf designs can be beautified with a simple set of matching wicker baskets on each shelf, drawing natural tones and wood elements from your decor.


The design influences the number of compartments. Most bathroom corner cabinets are multifunctional, and I only included cabinets with extra shelves, tall cabinets with open spaces, and certain sections with double doors. This versatility in compartments helps you keep your bathroom as clutter-free as possible.


When I talk about versatility, I mean what it can hold. Obviously, cheaper models made of plastic that are structurally an open design won’t be able to support as much weight as a solid wood bathroom corner cabinet. But, you don’t necessarily need something to support a lot of weight. If you live by yourself or with a partner, you might only have a set of four towels at most. 

But if you have a family of six and your children participate in sports daily, multiple showers are being taken. You’re more likely to need a maximum weight capacity to store many spare towels.

Bathroom Corner Cabinet Ideas: My Top Picks

1. Multi-Tier Displays

Multi-Tier Displays

If you are in a shared apartment, the Furinno T 5 Tier Corner Display Rack is ideal because it is a quick and easy place to designate small storage. 

Tip: I recommend investing in baskets or containers and putting one on each shelf. If you live with roommates or have a child going off to college, you can quickly put little name tags on the basket or container so that everyone has one of the shelves.

They provide 3, 4, or 5-tier designs and lots of colors, and it’s excellent for holding basic toiletries. It’s not a place where you can store heavy books, making it great for a bathroom corner.

2. Billy


The Billy is a great solution for bathrooms where you have a corner but you don’t have space on the floor. Not everyone has a viable corner where a bathmat, rug, or hamper isn’t already nestled at home. So, with the Billy corner bathroom cabinet, you get a cabinet that is wall-mounted.

The wall-mounted design brings it up to eye-level but it is still about as tall as a waist-high cabinet: only two feet tall. It has 22.5 inches of storage so it is a rather deep storage space. 

3. River Ridge

River Ridge

What if you don’t want to spend time and money making small baskets with everyone’s names on them? No problem.  River Ridge has two great corner cabinets with doors: one of which is wall-mounted and the other is a base-mounted design. 

I love this brand because it maximizes one of the most important storage aspects of a bathroom: finding a place for small things! Inside my normal cabinet drawers and shelves, I have lots of smaller boxes and containers. It’s a Marie Kondo dream bathroom.

I do that because I have lots of small things that just accumulate: hair bands, Band-Aids, essential oil bottles, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap bars, bath salts, fizzy bath bombs, travel-size containers of toiletries, and more.

All of these things need a home, and they don’t look good on an open shelf. That’s why this bathroom storage unit is so great. It fits right in the corner of your bathroom, and you can pick both or just use one of them. All your small things get hidden behind a white door leaving your bathroom sparkling clean. 

I absolutely love it for organizing our kids’ bathrooms because every kid gets their own drawer, and if they can’t make their stuff fit, then it has to go in their bedroom. It’s also the easiest way in the world to get them to clean up after themselves because each kid can walk in, grab whatever is theirs, throw it on their shelf (they each have one), and eventually, after every kid has had a turn, there should be nothing left on the counter.

4. Tall Corner Cabinets

Tall Corner Cabinets

Once you move into your own apartment, you can make the most out of tricky angles in your bathrooms using the Ellsworth Tall Corner Cabinet.

I love this one because it just looks like a step up in terms of its class. It’s not too big to fit in a small apartment bathroom. This is definitely something you get when you have your own place, not when you have a shared place and don’t necessarily have control over your roommates.

What really adds to the class of this particular bathroom corner cabinet is the fact that it has three display shelves on top and three adjustable shelves behind the double doors at the bottom. The double doors are the perfect place to hide the things you don’t necessarily want on display, whereas the three adjustable shelves are perfect for a small bathroom plant, some candles, or a stack of fluffy hand towels.

5. Faux Wood Corner Cabinets

Faux Wood Corner Cabinets

Another option is slightly larger: the Costway Bathroom Corner Storage Cabinet is like the Ellsworth but deeper. So, where the Ellsworth may only fit a stack of small hand towels, this design can hold a stack of full-sized towels.

I love the fact that you get a darker, faux wood color. In my first apartment, I had roommates, but we had our own rooms and bathrooms. I got a lot of hand-me-down furniture from random family members, and the rest we found at thrift shops. But that meant nothing matched, and it was all some kind of wood or plastic. But it didn’t bother us at all.

I invested in this model for my first apartment bathroom because it almost blended in with the rest of the furniture, looking like wood. It made the bathroom look classy without being incredibly heavy, expensive, or something I had to affix to the wall (which we couldn’t do because we were renters).

6. Keele Corner Cabinet

Keele Corner Cabinet

The Keele Small Corner Cabinet is a simple, white bathroom corner cabinet. The design is slightly different from other tall cabinets in that it has a single door on the top and bottom with an open shelf in the middle. I love the simplicity of the design; it’s beautiful to look at without compromising storage options. 

The open shelf is one of my favorite attributes because it’s the perfect place to put some brightly colored candles, a small plant, or even a metal accent to juxtapose the bright white of the cabinet.

7. Linen cabinets

lowes corner cabinet

If you want something shorter, consider these corner linen cabinets. I love them because they have adjustable shelves and don’t take out a lot of space. You will have to keep the organization inside your cabinets because the simple glass door does allow anyone using your restroom a quick peek.

However, I love shorter cabinets like these in bathrooms where you need extra storage for towels. In my house, there’s nowhere to put spare towels, so when guests come to visit, I toss a big pile of freshly laundered towels on their guest bed with a cute little note that these are for them to use during their stay.

But, invariably, my mother-in-law will decide that she doesn’t like those towels and will help herself to whatever towel she likes most after rifling through the hallway closet. It drives me batty, but I suppose it could be worse.

So, the corner linen cabinet was a good solution to this nosy and socially inappropriate behavior. Having that cabinet in the corner of the guest bathroom meant that when she ignored the pile of towels on her guest bed and went to shower, she could still get her fix when it came to being nosey and rifling through the cabinet. Still, the end result was that she picked out one of the designated guest towels.

8. Home Corner Cabinet

home wooden corner bathroom cabinet

The HOME Corner Bathroom Cabinet is another short option. It is white with a timeless sophistication to it. The small cabinet size shouldn’t take away from how compact and stylish it is. It’s the perfect place for extra storage, especially in a simple guest bathroom where you need a place to put towels or toilet paper.

Because it is short, you have that nice shelf space on top where you can put a small display of things like flowers, a couple of house plants, or some candles.

9. Floating Cabinet

Floating Cabinet

Are you looking for something modern and chic? This Corner Wall Triangle Cabinet is outstanding. It is a three-dimensional floating triangle corner cabinet. It maximizes storage with a lot more spatial visibility. Obviously, the storage shelves near the top and bottom are smaller than those in the middle, but you get more storage overall than normal bathroom corner cabinets. 

It is absolutely meant for a more contemporary space. This is not the bathroom cabinet you install in your first apartment or a tiny farmhouse. The floating frame has a gold finish, and there are no doors, so everything you store has to be given a permanent home, not just tossed willy-nilly.


Question: Do corner cabinets save space?

Answer: Yes. Almost all corner cabinets are designed to be compact but still maximize storage options. In a bathroom, the best way to save space is to find a cabinet that has a display section and some storage shelves so that you can have things out on display and things that are neatly tucked away.

Question: What should bathroom corner cabinets include?

Answer: Bathroom corner cabinets should have a good balance between display sections and storage sections. The waist-high models have a shelf on top where you can easily display things like brightly colored candles, an accent, framed family photos, or other decorations that match the decor of your bathroom.

Question: Where can I use bathroom corner cabinets?

Answer: Bathroom corner cabinets can be used as an addition to limited storage in your bathroom or in place of storage in your bathroom. For example, my grandmother’s home has a downstairs bathroom. It’s a full bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet. However, it’s tiny and only has a small cabinet around the sink.
Because it doesn’t have a lot of storage, there really isn’t anywhere to put things like spare toilet paper, towels, or guest toiletries. But that’s the bathroom most of the family uses during any family visit. So, my grandmother installed a corner cabinet in her bathroom, and that is now where toiletries, family photos, a few rolls of toilet paper, and towels are stored.
Bonus: She does this so that people who are visiting can easily see and access the things they need most during their trip without rifling through the cabinet she has under the sink, which contains all of their personal items.

Question: How big are bathroom corner cabinets?

Answer: The size is based on the design. If you have a tall corner bathroom cabinet, it’s usually between 68 and 74 inches. They are usually no more than about 12 inches deep at the deepest point of the 90-degree angle.
Shorter bathroom corner cabinets are between 11 and 24 inches deep, but only at that deepest point in the 90-degree angle, as mentioned. And the height can be just about anything but is usually only 3 or 4 feet tall. 

Bathroom Corner Cabinet Ideas: Bottom Line

I love the Keele Corner Cabinet for its design, size, and versatility. It is an excellent way for you to maximize your storage space pragmatically. It has many storage options, making it a versatile selection for large and small bathroom supplies. The design has an open shelf in the center where you can put something brightly colored that isn’t out of sight or out of reach. 

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